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Our Story

I founded The Dining Project in 2018 with the support of some great friends. This all started as a passion project with the goal to simply cook good food alongside well paired wines. After going strong for two years, the 2020 lockdowns forced us into hibernation.

Since then, i've been daydreaming of The Dining Project's relaunch. But what would we do? What's our identity? I was never quite sure which direction to take TDP.


I knew that didn't want to only cook food anymore, there had to be something more. But how could I blend by passion for cooking with my passion for education? How can I support young cooks that remind me of myself?

From these questions a new TDP evolved. We're focused now on creativity and mentorship. Teaching, but learning too. Leading and following. Rethinking the roles within a restaurant, less a "brigade", more so a "coalition". 


When you think of The Dining Project, please do not picture a restaurant. Envision a society of passionate cooks learning and evolving together with the common goals of bettering ourselves and feeding those we are lucky to serve. I hope you will join us!

- Chef James Caveness

"We all wear blue aprons in my kitchen because we're all commis. We're all still learning."

- Marco Pierre White 

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