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Join us in Long Beach at the Chef's Counter of Partake Collective! Indulge in our curated 5-course tasting menu inspired by Summer in Southern California. Chef James takes his inspiration from his traditional French culinary background, as well as many global influences he has absorbed from his time spent in So-Cal.


Seasonality is key to our menu. Committed to serving the freshest, most vibrant ingredients, we sometimes reimagine specific dishes based on the weekly farmers market bounty. While the core ingredients listed on this menu remain consistent, our base menu allows for delightful variations that celebrate the best of each season. Please inform us of all allergies and dietary restrictions upon making your reservation. 


The Menu for Sunday, July 28th

Tomato Tart

goat cheese, fennel



eggplant, parsley



braised tomato, olive



summer squash, chimichurri


Summer Melon

anise caramel, champagne & ginger sorbet 

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