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Edna Valley - San Luis Obispo Coast


On the nose, this wine bursts with spicy citrus and salty zest. There is a seductive orange blossom and jasmine aspect paired with what I dub as Hawaiian breakfast fruits. You can definitely smell the sea influence on this wine as there are briny notes that speak to the nearby Pacific Ocean. On the palate, this wine is full of tang and energy. Our Albariño never lacks acidity. In fact, managing that high acidity presents one of our biggest challenges, yet that is our greatest gift. There is a rich assembly of citrus, white fruits, stone fruit and lush tropicals that are all corralled with bright acidity from start to finish. A lingering freshness and minerality cements Albariño as the one varietal that is queen of the sea.

Cadre Alberino Sea Queen Edna Valley 2022 - 375ml

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