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Welcome to our
collective of
passionate culinarians!

On a mission to mentor and platform cooks and aspiring chefs through...


the brigade becomes a



: a coalition of like-minded professionals, learning and growing together. Join us to interact with the community!


Simply working in the culinary industry is not enough - we have gone through great lengths to ensure that we are providing the best educational resource available. TDP firmly believes that the best knowledge is gained hands on and in person. For this reason, most of our available content will be offered through in-person seminars and physical in-the-kitchen practice. In order to avoid any disruption and ensure the integrity of our community, we must enforce a barrier to entry.

To qualify for our community, you must have an understanding of the basics. All applicants will be asked to submit a resume, complete an in-person skills assessment, and fill out a 50 question written kitchen basics exam. This will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of knife skills, sanitation, FIFO, basic cookery skills and kitchen safety. We're not looking for perfect scores, just a demonstration that you are able to carry your weight, or at least willing to try.

This community is not a culinary school, it is designed to take curious and passionate cooks and chefs to the next level. This is a community built with standards, but without expectations. Qualify, and I promise you that we will provide every resource that you will ever need to succeed.  

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