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Culinary Offerings


TDP | The Room

Our PRIVATE Chef's Counter, though a bit unconventional.

6 seats, 12 courses, over 2.5 hours. An alcove of our own.

Fine Dining

Each month, upon the last weekend, a dinner in Long Beach. We offer a seasonal tasting menu that changes every few months. We'll often include small snacks or additional courses when something is particularly exciting.


We have two base menus to choose from. Our 4-course menu can be enjoyed in the dining room. This will be served family style, designed for you and your party to share. Alternatively, a 6 course tasting menu can be enjoyed at our Chef's Counter. You will find a 5:30pm and 8pm seating each evening.


4-Course: $85/pp

$55 wine pairing optional

6-Course: $155/pp 

$65 wine pairing optional

TDP Lite

On Thursday - Saturday each week, you can find a quick service version of our seasonal tasting menu for pickup or delivery at Partake Collective in Long Beach, California.

Please visit Partake's website for more information.

Meal Kits

Each week, we will create 20 meal kits to serve either 2 or 4 individuals. These are available through presale only, and will be released on the weekend before each month begins. Delivery of meal kits will take place every Thursday, they will be packed on ice and can sit without refrigeration for up to 6 hours.  



Created for all those in the culinary world, our "Professionals" system was deigned to support, mentor, and platform aspiring chefs. Collecting and consolidating the best bits of the industry to form an elaborate, comprehensive, and immersive program that exists solely to give back to the community who needs it the most. This is for the cooks. If you are one, join us.

Why TDP?


Free of Charge

Being a cook is hard. You're overworked and underpaid. We recognize this. Think of The Dining Project as an amenity to the culinary industry. As long as you qualify, you'll have a place in our community free of charge.

No Commitment


Cooks are busy, and our schedule changes can be erratic. We want you to get the best out of this, so we will not ask for any time commitments. We'll host events often - join us when you can. You'll always be welcome.  

A Community of

Like Minds

We're all here for the same goals; to better ourselves in our craft. Let's all learn and grow, together. We will share our knowledge, our skills, and our time with each other to support one another through collaboration and teamwork.

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